Christmas Tree Heaven

With plenty of holiday props and Christmas music in the air, it was nonstop fun at Seiler's Christmas Tree Farm in Seguin, TX. The kids ate Smarties, the adults set up props, and I snapped away while laughing my butt off. We had a blast putting to good use the beautiful backdrop of this wintery looking farm.

Día De Los Muertos in San Antonio

San Antonio celebrated El Día De Los Muertos with a 2-day festival presented by La Villita. Events were all held on Sunday due to the sudden thunderstorms on Saturday! Despite having to change the weekend festival to a 1-day event, it was AWESOME. So much color, culture and culinary delights existed around the alleys of La Villita. Beautiful altars dedicated to those who have passed, family and friend. Needless to say, San Antonio rocks.

Unicorns. Vampires. Pirates. OH MY!

We took remnants from old costumes and new, pajamas, toys and some stuff from Mom and Dad's closet to come up with these 12 unique Halloween costumes. Styled a few new ones with random accessories from around the house and some completely new disguises created with things the kids wear everyday. The Goal? To get everyone in the Halloween Spirit! Message Jackie if you have any questions on how to create these looks :)

Tight Pants; Ripped Pants

Homecoming is a big deal here in Texas. As are the pre-homecoming photo opportunities. Had the chance to take my cousin Jacob and his sweet girlfriend's portraits before the big dance last Saturday. Figured these kids are young, they can jump in the air for a fun jump pic.. right? Alas, after years of asking couples and families to jump in the air for my shutter, Jacob jumped a bit too enthusiastically and RIPPED HIS PANTS. Yes. Spongebob in the flesh. #rippedpants. First time I've ever seen it happen. To say the least, it was incredibly funny.

My Favorite Photo Shoot of all Time

It's hard to believe this was over a year ago. My family visited me while I was working in Hawaii, so of course I wanted to take photos of them on the beach! Ivan Flores, my friend and manager at the time, accompanied us as photographer so I can get in on some of the shots too. 1.5 years later, enjoy :)

A glimpse of Hawaii

If you've met anyone who's spent time in Hawaii, whether it be for a week on a honeymoon or a year working on a cruise ship as a photographer, you've heard nothing but incredible things about the islands. Taking portraits in Hawaii resonates that same feeling of magic. Here's a compilation of favorites stills from my year spent in the Aloha state.

Life at home

Feels good to be back home in Texas after a year in Hawaii and a month backpacking across Southeast Asia. These three little ones are my favorite things about home :) Introducing Madison, Barrett and Baby Jack.

(no rubber ducks were hurt in the making of these photos)