My Favorite Photo Shoot of all Time

It's hard to believe this was over a year ago. My family visited me while I was working in Hawaii, so of course I wanted to take photos of them on the beach! Ivan Flores, my friend and manager at the time, accompanied us as photographer so I can get in on some of the shots too. 1.5 years later, enjoy :)

A glimpse of Hawaii

If you've met anyone who's spent time in Hawaii, whether it be for a week on a honeymoon or a year working on a cruise ship as a photographer, you've heard nothing but incredible things about the islands. Taking portraits in Hawaii resonates that same feeling of magic. Here's a compilation of favorites stills from my year spent in the Aloha state.

Life at home

Feels good to be back home in Texas after a year in Hawaii and a month backpacking across Southeast Asia. These three little ones are my favorite things about home :) Introducing Madison, Barrett and Baby Jack.

(no rubber ducks were hurt in the making of these photos)